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Marketing and Advertising Strategy

A good marketing strategy is an essential part of the success or failure of any company. In order to formulate a good strategy, you must know who your audience is, what product you offer and which of its benefits will cause consumers to prefer it over competitors. The strategy-building process must consider the following four factors: Product – Do you offer a product that already exists in the market or are you bringing something new?  Price – Are you positioning your product high or low? Distribution Channels – In what ways are you bringing your product to the target audience? Marketing Communications – How do you tell the public about your product?


Once we have built a precise marketing strategy that matches your needs and meets your budget, we will formulate an advertising strategy based on the marketing strategy, and draw up the most appropriate advertising activity: Types of messages (both verbal and visual) used, the media that will communicate the message directly to your target audience in the fastest, most effective way (ATL, BTL, Online, Offline, Guerilla …), and the best advertising tools in each media. Integrating all these elements, we ensure your brand will achieve its goals in the most optimal way.

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Planning and Managing Campaigns Across All Media Channels

Alongside a brand or company’s routine marketing activities, special campaigns are sometimes required. At Exactive, every bespoke campaign is planned and executed according to its unique goals and objectives, with continuous measurement and auditing of results in real-time to enable ongoing optimization. It goes without saying that we are committed to achieving our client’s objectives rather than showcasing the advertising agency’s creativity. Our goal is always the same: Deliver the most accurate campaign while maximizing the budget and organizational resources. Exactive boasts an outstanding track record of exceptional and pioneering media campaigns, delivering and surpassing their objectives.

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Performance-Based Advertising

The Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life. This is a fact. In practice, most of our lives are run ‘on our screens.’ That’s why the presence of online and digital advertising has increased and continues to increase by the minute.


Beyond exposure to products and messages, every advertiser wants information about potential consumers (leads) in order to contact them in a variety of channels and turn them into actual customers. Effective advertising delivers on two axes: Results and Performance. Results means generating leads in the form of people with a genuine need and interest in your product; and Performance, which covers ongoing budget control, viability and optimization of content, creative and media plan at any given moment.


The predominant way to do performance-based advertising is through appealing ads and motivating calls to action in the relevant media areas, for which payment is made according to number of clicks or leads received. This means that we are able to understand which ads perform better and enhance the performance to the point where the cost per click or lead will be the lowest possible.


Through accurate messaging and eye-catching creative, Exactive’s Performance Department will see to it that your ads receive maximum exposure at minimal cost, driving immediate action among the relevant audiences.

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Social Networks and New Media

At Exactive we believe in meeting your customers wherever they are. Whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, specific forums and multiple other digital channels, social networks are the fastest growing source (after Google) for creating traffic to both digital and physical stores. They enable true customer interaction in a way that’s deeper and more direct than any other channel.


Proper, cost-effective use of these channels requires a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of this new media as part of an organization’s overall marketing and corporate communications activity. Not every social network is suitable for every organization, and in the chosen channels, you need to look and act in a way that is appropriate to the spirit of the organization and serves its objectives. Using the latest information together with the most advanced technologies, Exactive’s Performance Department matches the right activity to every organization – bringing the most effective results, fast.

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The concept of branding has created some confusion in recent years and many people think that branding amounts to logo design and a slogan. In practice, a real branding process does one major thing: it creates a compelling identity for your product or service for its desired target audience. Creating an identity begins with in-depth research about your product and the competitive environment in which it lives, and continues with finding its differentiator, defining its character, and building a clear message that expresses the values and experience at the core of the brand. Once you have the heart, then you can start to build the body around it. This includes the design language: logo, color scheme, graphic elements and the visual world, and the verbal language that reflects the brand’s essential character and credo that will speak to the hearts and wallets of your existing and potential customers.


Exactive’s Strategy Department is staffed by experienced creative and strategic professionals, who have developed branding for an incredible variety of products and services over the last 15 years. We invite you to create an engaging, relevant, and multi-dimensional experience for your brand that makes it an integral part of the everyday life of your target audience.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No. 1 on Google: the position everyone craves. Search – where consumers seek out a product or service in order to make a purchase – is often the most effective marketing arena. About 80% of users prefer to click on organic results rather than sponsored (adwords). The purpose of organic promotion aka SEO is to ‘convince’ Google that the site we want to promote is the most relevant for the user searching with a particular phrase (keyword).


Achieving this requires the following actions:

1. Continuous management and adjustment of the website and its content to Google’s algorithms.

2. Ongoing SEO optimization of content – in the right quantity and frequency.

3. Professional, well-planned and effective construction of external links according to Google guidelines.


Highly optimized SEO not only generates more traffic, it also signals size or brand leadership to online consumers. The frequent change in Google’s algorithm, along with the need to take into account many parameters, requires a high degree of professionalism and continuous, intensive updating of professional knowledge.


The Exactive SEO team headed by On Yavin, an international expert in Search Engine Optimization, offers professional SEO services for a wide range of companies and brands. We are capable of handling challenging projects, including ORM in highly competitive fields, in Israel and abroad.

The department, which reflects the most cutting-edge SEO global standards, employs unique professional knowledge and advanced tools developed by Exactive to achieve outstanding results for clients.


We invite you to put your brand in first position too!

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Online Reputation Management

Don’t let Google’s first results page ruin your reputation. If someone decides to ruin your reputation online, your “dirt” will tend to show up near the top when someone googles you.  So how do you keep your search result pages clean from defamation and misrepresentation?

For most of us, the Internet is now our main source of information, and we rely on this to form opinions, positive or negative, about individuals. When we’re searching for details about a specific person, the first page of Google search results matters the most.


Defend your digital reputation

In today’s digital world, Online Reputation Management has become an essential branding discipline, ensuring people are represented fairly and accurately online. Some prefer to use ORM in order to fend off negative publicity, while others use it as an ongoing image management process.


So how does ORM work?

Displacing negative content from Google’s (or any other search engine’s) first page of search results, requires a counter-acting repository of positive content about the individual for whom ORM is being conducted. This can be achieved by either promoting existing web pages that feature positive content about the individual or by creating new content and then actively promoting it online.


At Exactive, we employ several ORM strategies:

– Leveraging existing positive content.

– Creating new positive content.

– Building fictitious profiles on leading Social Network Platforms, and simultaneously utilizing existing profiles.

– Endorsing appropriate keywords via promotion-enabled sites.

– Establishing profile links to all of the above mentioned categories.


Exactive’s expert ORM division helps individuals such as politicians and senior executives, as well as small businesses and large corporations to achieve a more balanced online reputation across all relevant digital channels.

Media Planning, Management and Buying

Media planning is the basis for a successful marketing campaign or activity. Even a precisely focused message and superior creative execution will fail if they do not reach the right target audience and in the right manner. Therefore, although message and execution are equally important, most of the budget is usually invested in the media. Precise media planning and expert media buying skills can maximize marketing budgets and increase results by tens or hundreds of percentage points. Exactive’s Media Department is committed to achieving the best results for each project according to its objectives, at the best rates for both local and global media.

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Establishing Digital Platforms

In order to make the customer part of the brand experience, motivate action and create a consumer community, all advertising activities ultimately lead to digital platforms such as websites, landing pages and applications. To create an environment where the user can receive information, express opinions and take action (which may help him/her earn money), it is very important to create a visible association between the brand and its partners in the overall experience, even in the digital space. Currently, web sites and apps are the house of the brand, and must therefore reflect its values, while conveying innovation and immediacy to the user, corresponding to the state-of-the-art in the digital world.


In recent years, Exactive has established hundreds of digital platforms as part of its advertising and marketing activities, while maintaining its place at the forefront of technology, understanding the digital space and trends, and creating user communities and virtual environments (web, content pages, social networking applications and more) for brands in many different fields.

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